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NPC Packs - Dwarves
  • NPC Packs - Dwarves

    Hello Everyone, KTech here again!


    Today's post is the next pack in the NPCs series, Dwarven NPCs!


    After talking with Caeora a little about themes and styles for these tokens, we decided that this first lot of packs should be themed for a more classic town or village setting, hence the colour schemes being very similar to the human packs to keep a sense of consistency. 


    We have some ideas of packs for different settings such as deserts, jungles and tundra based civilizations in future!


    The next pack in the works will be Elves, followed by Halflings and Gnomes then some of the less common races for most settings with tieflings, dragonborn and such.


    The file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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