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NPC Packs - Elves
  • NPC Packs - Elves

    Hello everybody, KTech here again!


    Today's post is the Elven NPCs pack!


    Much like the Human and Dwarf packs, these have a similar colour scheme to give a consistent look across all the packs. These tokens are also designed to work for half-elves too hence the older looking elven man and woman that we've included.


    This pack has been another team effort between both me and Caeora with alot of back and forth work to make them as awesome as possible!


    We've purposefully avoided any strong elven themes or outfits because I would like to make a Wood Elf pack later down the line for a deep forest settlement. We also decided we would like to do a full themed pack for Drow as well rather than just recolour these ones. 


    Foundry Content & Foundry Hub!


    If you were not already aware the Caeora pack on Foundry is going strong and is now updated to version 1.0.3 which includes the CR5 pack and all the NPC's we have done this month!


    Lastly there is a site called the Foundry Hub that has a lot of awesome information on there and lists mods and creators from all over the place! We have a page now and it would mean the world to me and Caeora if you could leave a comment and endorse us for more visibility :)

    Foundry Hub Link: 


    The purchased file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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