Riverwood Assets - Complete
  • Riverwood Assets - Complete

    I went from the line art versions of these assets to 200 assets completely finished in 3 days.


    Which I think is quite possibly the fastest I've ever worked XD


    Anyway! Here are the finished Riverwood assets, a fresh take on one of my older map asset packs with tons of fantasy flavoured assets for your woodland adventures!


    Like I said above there are nearly 200 assets in this pack, from trees, stumps, logs, tons of plants, butterflies, leaves etc.


    And of course, every pack must have a mimic, just to keep your players on their toes when they sit down on a tree stump to rest ;)


    There are also a bunch of mossy versions for some of the assets, mostly the rocks, logs and stumps but I think it gives the assets a wonderful old and aged look! :D