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Serpents Fall
  • Serpents Fall

    Here is the finished Serpents Fall map! The colossal remains of a dead sea serpent, twisted around a few dark rocks and shallows just off shore. When I was making this I imagined that the serpent has been killed by something even bigger in the ocean like a Kraken! And the creepy statue in the top right was brought to the rocks by a kraken worshipping cult, using the blood and organs of the sea serpent for dark rituals. 


    Sometimes I’m not sure how people will react to my maps, they can include elements or ideas that aren't really considered or used very often. Some of the parts could have been done in slightly better ways like the ribs, which are at an odd angle and the colouring on the serpent could have had a pattern. Despite that though, I absolutely love this one. It's a great concept and I think it would make a stunning encounter to throw at players in a D&D game!


    There is another rainy version in the free download that also has some tints of blue

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