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Simple Dungeon Room

Simple Dungeon Room

I've spent some time recently getting back to basics, doing some concept pieces and trying to distill my process down into manageable chunks and I might share some of the results of that if people are interested but one of the results of that process was the creation of some simple tiles. 

I then did some walls..


And then a door and well I thought doing a simple dungeon room would be nice after that and this is the result! 


You cant see the detail very well with the display image but if you download it and zoom in you can see the little cobwebs that I added which really adds to things XD


Now I can very easily do a bunch of other combinations of this kind of map and have a few sketches done already, so if you have any ideas or things you would like to see please let me know!

Oh and there is a slightly lighter version because dark maps are an issue sometimes! :D 

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