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  • Spaceships

    These are just a few quick options for spaceships for anyone running a Sci-fi game, these were made specifically to complement the Spaceport map I made the other day. 


    There are two smaller ships for dogfighting options and are generic enough to fit most setting while still having a little bit of flair. The larger ships is for actually flying around in for a group, so you have a cargo area, bridge with a large transparent viewing screen at the front and an engine room at the back. I would have added some weapon but often those are pretty specific to settings and can always be added under these afterwards!


    I haven't made any Sci-fi content before and this turned out much better than I would have thought. I certainly don't think I would have been able to do these a year ago and I can see the improvements in my work process and conceptualizing ability with these, which is nice :) 

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