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Stone Hand

Stone Hand

Well this map has some really annoying backstory that I will try and explain in this post..

On monday I spent some time making a really nice Dirt Texture (That you can find in the downloads) I thought it would be nice to do some dried out areas, shrublands and generally drier areas not normally covered in most battlemaps. Then on Tuesday I spent the day and then a stream making a battlemap for a dry creek bed and the the line art for this stone hand that is in this map.

On wednesday as I was finishing the map I realised that the stone hand didn't quite fit so I took the line art out and saved it in a separate file. I kept working on the larger map until it was almost done and then suddenly... a power cut.

I lost the map, it was corrupted and when I opened the file I got a black background.


While this was really really annoying at least I was able to keep the texture and the stone hand I made on stream.

Hopefully this map can be used on its own as a nice little dungeon entrance and I actually really like how it turned out. I even added some tibetan flags details to really push that barren dry grassland/dirt feel.

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