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Subnautica Creatures
  • Subnautica Creatures

    Every now and then we like to create maps or tokens that are based on games or books or movies that we love. I’ve drawn the map of Middle Earth and some Zelda assets before for example.

    Well, KTech played a lot of the game Subnautica and really wanted to draw a few monster tokens from the game!

    These are some of the most well-known monsters and creatures you find while exploring the oceans and If you are running any kind of underwater campaign these will add some wonderful encounters to your game to keep your players engaged!

    If you haven’t played the game yet, you can always look up the wiki and search the names of the creatures, this might give you some wonderful ideas for stat blocks, like the Gasopod that releases acidic gas pods from its tail if it’s threatened XD

    I hope you like these, we would love to do some more game/book/movie work in the future!


    The purchased file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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