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The Azure Sea

The Azure Sea

I've been playing in a Dungeons & Dragons game live on for the past few weeks, it's been an amazing experience so far and we have 8 episodes left before my character Flick probably dies in some way ;) The Azure Sea is being used by Guy (The Great GM) to run a treasure hunt for our Call of the Kraken game and also serves as the region map for our campaign as well.

Even before I asked to be a member of the cast, I was involved in Project Deios and part of the collaboration between the various partners was that I would create a number of concept art maps.

This was one of them! And all the assets in this map were made for Project Deios!

There are still a number of tweaks and things I've changed so this is a rough look at what a map made in Project Deios will look like but it gives you a pretty good idea of what we are aiming for! If you are still not sure about what Project Deios is then check out the link below.

I can now say though, (because these reveals are public) that Project Deios will allow you to make city, region and world maps, and the current teaser starts to talk about the worlds beyond that as well...

There are still 4 reveals left over the coming weeks and hopefully when everything is revealed we can really blow people away :)

You can download the map to get a good sense of the scale but this is not available for commercial use.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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