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The Mighty Nein
  • The Mighty Nein

    Hello everyone!

    As you can see from the display, KTech and myself have finished drawing and colouring the main characters from Critical Role's second season show of Dungeons and Dragons.. The Mighty Nein!!

    KTech recently caught up, watching all the past episodes over the last few months and really wanted to draw these for a bit of fun. I thought it was a fantastic idea and people in general, not just the Critters would probably find these tokens a wonderful stand in for an epic NPC in their games.

    Included in the pack are the main casts PC’s, Caduceus, Nott, Caleb (and his familiar Frumpkin) Yasha, Beauregard, Jester, Molly and Fjord!

    As you can see the amount of detail we both put into these is.. quite extensive! I followed along with other fan works to really put the detail into the faces and get the colours right. Without a doubt, these are the best tokens we have ever made and I immeasurably proud and happy with how they turned out!

    I think overall Jester is perhaps my favourite, maybe because I managed to add some anime-style colouring and put a shiny gleam across her hair!

    Lastly, I do want to add, that these were not commissioned or made for Critical Role in any way, they are fan content I’m putting out there for free! :)


    The file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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