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The Troll Wastes
  • The Troll Wastes

    After making the settlement's asset pack a week or so ago, I really wanted to make a map showing them off! There were so many amazing little assets/icons for villages, towers, farms and temples that I decided to put some of them together and make a small region map.

    Annd after that I decided to put some effort into making the map as interesting and as playable as possible for a small TTRPG/DND game.


    I came up with the idea of The Troll Wastes, a desolated fantasy kingdom that was destroyed a hundred years ago by a monstrous horde swarming down from the Troll Moors in the north. Now the last bastion of adventures, soldiers and peoples live in the city of Lastport, venturing out to combat the monsters, explore the ruined lands and delve into the ruins and temples scattered across the lands.


    I have mentioned on stream that I will be both colouring this map soon and writing a small setting guide to go along with this map, much like the Blood Grotto. This will either be a few pages long or perhaps something larger if people are really sold on the concept! So please let me know and enjoy the paper/line art version I've finished up today in the meantime! :D


    There are a few versions in the downloads, including a blank version without names for you to label yourself 

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