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  • Treetop

    Note: This was a commission piece  and it is not available for commercial purposes or publication, but you are still free to use it for personal use!


    I spent ages on the wood texture and spent hours on the day version to get it looking right. I really wanted to add a canopy but no matter how hard I tried it just looked strange and kept covering up the detail, so I ended up adding shadows beneath the tree instead. 


    Oh and then did a night version and I like it more than the day version even though it took me half the time… oh well :D 


    This map was made for the amazing Jeff Stevens who is going to be writing an adventure around it. Spoilers! I'm pretty sure its goblin related ;) 


    If you want to check out his work, click here!


    And go say hi, and follow him on twitter so you can stay up to date when he releases the adventure with this map in it! :D  

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