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Wonderdraft Temperate Forests
  • Wonderdraft Temperate Forests

    This pack contains 35 unique Forests in both Sample colour and Custom Colour styles. Each asset has been setup as a unique Symbol brush in wonderdraft to make them a little easier to use!


    The "custom colour" versions can be set to whatever colour you like in the colour pallete. In addition all of these assets are designed so that parts of the assets can be a different colour just like the assets in featured image above!


    This pack is also available as part of the Artisan Tier on my Patreon, but if you prefer buying packs instead this is the pack as a one time purchase!

    Adding to Wonderdraft
    To add these assets into Wonderdraft simply add the "Caeora Temperate Forests" Folder (inside the ZIP file) into the "assets" folder inside your "User Folder" which can be found in the Menu in Wonderdraft.

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