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World Anvil

World Anvil

This month one of the most amazing and useful tools that I've ever found online is celebrating their first year anniversary! 


For anyone that is new to my patreon and has not yet heard of World Anvil, check out the link below! I could not recommend them enough to anyone that does world building for books, roleplaying games or just for fun :)


As part of the one year anniversary, I was asked to make a map to represent the World Anvil community, mostly based on the World Anvil discord channels among other things. However I decided to something slightly different and this was designed to be used as a png, so it can be used on things like t-shirts and mugs etc :) 


Finally I just want to say a huge congratulations to Dimitris and Janet (the creators of World Anvil) on the amazing success and it's so inspiring to see how much you guys have grown and built both a mind blowing tool for worldbuilding and a fantastic community :) 

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