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  • Wormford

    Today, I’m putting up the last map I made for the blood grotto and releasing it for free, aongside a snow version and black & white version! I also I spent quite a lot of time on this one for a few reasons. 


    Firstly, I always thought my village/town/city maps were good.. but lacked detail and I saw a few people on twitch using them not only as setting maps but also as battlemaps. Which is fine if you don't mind very small tokens and of course it gives you a huge amount of space. This is especially useful for higher level encounters.


    Secondly, I needed to come up with something I was comfortable drawing for Project Deios and if you enjoy this map and think its really nice then good news! This is the base and level of detail that will be used! 

    If you have joined my patreon recently and have not checked out the Blood Grotto setting that this from then you can now find it on DrivethruRPG. 


    It's about the same price as on my website (in fact it's a little cheaper) and buying it on there is super helpful because its more visible especially if you leave a comment/review

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