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  • Zoseer

    When I first started drawing this map I realized that there is seemingly a quite a scarcity of towns made purely for desert campaigns and it spurred me on to create this, just for those trekking through a desert environment! 


    This map doesn't have any labels nor does it really have a good sense of how the town might function. I like to think that a huge portion of the town was once a much grander city that has been swallowed by the sands. In fact you might want to use this as more of a dungeon or hostile encounter area that the the party has to find deep within the desert instead. There are no plants, little water and the temperature here is incredibly high, high enough for fire elementals to walk around comfortably.  

    This would be a very dangerous place for anyone other than desert natives :P 


    This map has its own article written by Nevermore on World Anvil that you can check out at the link! It still needs some changes and loads of addtion to fit in with my own setting but If you have any feeback let me or Nevermore know on my discord!  


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